Dressed for BATTLE!

Definition of battle according to Merriam-Webster: a general encounter between armies, ships of war, or aircraft; an extended contest, struggle, or controversy; an extended contest, struggle, or controversy; to engage in a fight or struggle; AND, an important and necessary part of doing or achieving something. I will mainly address this last part, but I know we understand the meaning of battle. It is not just going to war, or is it? Maybe we are not taking what we do in life as seriously as walking on the battlefield of war where there is gunfire, airstrikes, bombs, evil people, etc. Where injury, mutilation, and death are present. What if we took what we did and acted like it was a battle? Don’t you think we would perform better if we acted as our life and limbs depended on it? The answer to that question is a firm YES!

OK, let’s pretend that we will treat our job, our workouts, a job interview, that presentation, how we parent as if we are going on the field of battle. By the way, your field of battle is whatever arena you are trying to achieve something, such as the board room, the gym, a terrain feature, home, and your life. The first thing that needs to happen is your dress attire. Yes, looking cool and being confident in the way you look is important, and you should be mindful of this. More often than not, you are judged by your appearance. And without a doubt, most of us, if not all, know that when we look good, we feel better than if we just threw some random clothes together and walked out the door without brushing our teeth, doing our hair, etc. Yes, this is not just a female thing; it is an everyone thing. Feeling good and confident in the way you look does matter and can affect your performance.


Example time! I work out a lot; it is by far on my top 5 priority list. It is therapy and the one place I can recharge my mental focus. I understand this is not the same for everyone, and it wasn’t when I first started, but I have grown to love it with consistency. I try to attack each training session rather it be in the weight room or my fight/self-defense training as if I am going to war. I like my clothes to match; I like to look good, making me feel good. You will never see me looking like a slob in the gym or anywhere for that matter because when I go to war, I dress to dominate. Now, my fashion sense may not always on point, but I put effort into what I wear. When I step on the weight room floor, I am in the kill zone, ready to battle. When I show up to train in striking or grappling, I feel confident in what I am wearing. It makes me feel better in my brain and causes my mindset to be on point! And mindset is the name of the game. Anything and everything that can help maintain a powerful mindset are important. Let me ask you a question. Have you ever had someone point out that you have something in your teeth right after interacting with people? Or noticed a big piece of green lettuce on your front tooth immediately after talking to your boss or someone you are trying to impress? Someone of the opposite sex, maybe? I am sure many of us have experienced this in some way or another. How did it make you feel? Did you want to disappear, hide your head in the sand, did you get super embarrassed? It’s ok; it happens to us all. The point of this is once you realized that you might have looked like a goof, most likely in your head, your confidence went away a little bit. That is because your appearance and the way you are perceived matters. There are many examples of this, but you get the point!

When it comes to your battlefield, remember to prepare for war and dress the part. Put those clothes on with a purpose and be ready to take it to the enemy. You are not a slob, so don’t act like it. It does not matter if your enemy is in the board room, a zoom call, or a training session. Put on your armor and OWN the battle!

What other things can help us prepare for our life’s battle? Comment below, stay safe!

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  1. Completely agree with this way of thinking. Hate to say it but I’ve caught myself looking like a slob in the gym a couple of times, especially after my son was born and it has a noticeable negative impact on my mindset and workout, but I’m taking strides to change that.

    Working from home full time, I also find it makes a huge difference to get dressed in real clothes in the morning- even if simply jeans and a polo. I fine I’m much more productive and think more clearly, even if I’m not meeting with clients.

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