Unafraid Asset Program

#1 Goal is to develop the UNAFRAID Mindset

This will not be easy, you will be pushed spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.
IF YOU CANNOT GIVE 100% THEN DO NOT APPLY! You have to want it to own it!

Core Concentration Areas




3-Phased Program

1- Identify expectations, toxic areas, passion, & purpose
2- Implement the UNAFRAID lifestyle w/ WORK
3- Improve & Fine Tune


The mentee will have assignments that include reading (books provided), watching videos, writing, and designing a good workout plan w/ a minimum of one Martial Arts training session per week.

30 min zoom call every week for accountability, challenges, and progress.

Text access granted for solid communication as we break ground and build the UNAFRAID WARRIOR!

WE do all this together as a TEAM!

Upon completing each phase, which is based on progress, the Mentee will receive Phase graduation gifts.

Questions- unafraid@eddiepenney.com


 By scheduling here you acknowledge that the consultation price is $175. Every mentorship is different based on the client. The mentorship price starts at $1k after consultation and agreement of service. After the initial consultation, Eddie will personally contact you with additional information about how to submit future payments and get the program started.

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