Kick the Worry Out!

The other day I read in Proverbs 12, “Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up.” Yes, anxiety! We know that word, and many of us deal with this in some way or another. Some other words or forms that anxiety uses are worry, concern, unease, and also FEAR! Worry can bring us down and bring us down hard. Now, I understand that to some extent, we will be concerned about things such as children, finances, health, relationships, etc., but do you think we sometimes take it too far? I think we do! For me personally, I have had days gone by where I would sit in my worry, and it would ruin the whole day only to do it the next day again. BUT, as with age comes certain wisdom (thankfully), and that is that we cannot worry things away. Have you ever realized that? I cannot think of when I worried and worried and got results, and the worry just went away. So why do we do it? Is there a solution? If you do a simple Internet search for how many thoughts a typical human has a day, you will be surprised that it sits around 6,000-7,000!  Here is where it gets even a little bit more insane.  According to research conducted by the National Science Foundation, 80% of those thoughts are negative. I would guess that many of these thoughts are from what our eyes see, what we hear, and what we do. We have all heard that “You are who you surround yourself with.” This is so true! So, we have the power to help our thoughts by our circumstances. As in, how do you spend your time? Do you spend hours with your face in the news and hanging out with bad influences, or do you fill yourself up with motivation through books, podcasts, etc., and have a solid crew around you?

Homework- I highly suggest doing this when you have a few minutes. What is your life brings the positives and what brings the negatives? Write these down and start terminating the negativity in your life. Some of these things may be habits, your job, or even people. CUT OUT NEGATIVE WHEN AND WHERE YOU CAN, and automatically, negative thoughts will start to diminish. Plug the negative holes with positive influences.

On the second half of the verse above, “…but a kind word cheers it up.” Be nice to people, compliment them. Be the example and make people’s day. A little smile here and a “have a great day” will go a long way for many people. You could be ridding worry and concern just by speaking positives into someone’s day. Change starts with YOU!

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  1. This is awesome, and much needed. I have just now started getting back to reading more, and meditation. Trying to really focus on feeding the positive in my mind and in life.

  2. Some of the best food for the soul has been read by Man and Woman for centuries. God just wants us to talk to him. Sometimes when I find myself reading a daily devotional or similar I just feel like I am talking to him while reading and it steady’s the nerves. He gave some of us around the Globe an extra bright lightbulb so when it finally went off we can share and help others grow close to him. Our Spiritual warfare gets more powerful and powerful every time we use it. Glad to see you are UNAFRAID to share your faith with the world. I’d walk into battle with any spiritual warrior any day! I feel like we are kind of in a time like the book of Jerimiah and the story about the potters clay at times myself. Keep on doing Eddie and Lead the Way!

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