Power of Voice

There is a famous quote that I am sure you have heard, especially with all the craziness that has taken place around the globe.  The quote is, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  If that does not hit home, then I do not know what will.  I want to address this quote and give you my view on what I see.  I am very passionate about this country, and I want the very best for it.  Please do not let the words fool you into thinking this is coming from a place of hate.  We all know how emails and texts can often be misconstrued.  

Let’s go!  I will be upfront and not sugarcoat anything because that is what society is selling, and I am not buying, and neither should you.  This is why we are in the situation we are in now because good people do not speak up!  This undoubtedly is possibly some of you reading these words, and it was me as well.  I used to be the guy who would accept what was before me, making it the best situation I could.  This worked for me, but I learned that with my voice followed by action, things changed, and they changed for the better.  I started to do it before operations or how to attack a specific target.  Some of those ideas that I voiced made all the difference in the world, and sometimes it would be proved not the best course of action by another who used his voice.  One quote I heard that jump-started this was from one of the greatest hockey players ever, Wayne Gretzky.  He was talking about hockey when he said this, but this holds in every aspect of life, and that quote is, “You miss every shot you do not take.”  I heard that, and I was blown away!  It was so true!  If you do not try something, you will fail every time or never know what would’ve or could’ve been.  So many dreams have never left the launch pad because of this simple, sad reason.  Bringing it back to reality, look at where we sit now.  We have allowed certain things to take place, thinking that it will not affect us, but sure enough, everyone is being affected in some way or another.  

Check this out; this blew my mind when I heard this.  Back when Trump and Biden were doing their campaigns, a study showed that 63% of people were afraid to give their opinion on the situation and political stance.  I have to ask, “why?”  Why are people so afraid to speak up?  Are we afraid of not being liked?  Sorry to break this to you, but not everyone likes you, no matter how hard you try, so stop attempting to please everyone.  If you do this, then you will turn into what we call a “poser.”  Look on social media, and you will see poser after poser trying to please everyone or be someone that is not by attempting to sell a facade.  And unfortunately, this works for many, which is why kids are listening to some of these musicians or actors and actresses.  

Going back up to the first paragraph, good men doing nothing allows or gives evil a hall pass to carry on and do what it wants.  We did not voice enough about the masks, so now here we are with vaccines, and possibly vaccine passports and next could be guns.  The failure of good and the righteous to open their mouths allows evil to put restraints on freedom, get a grip on what we cherish most, and that is freedoms and our rights.  Like the right to bear arms, and if that goes, many of us will be at the mercy of the bad guys who have guns, and they will have black market guns.  Look at other countries if you do not believe me.  We need good people to have the power to protect themselves, their families, and their communities.  So it starts small, such as masks, and then will move up the ladder to something so serious we will be scratching our heads wondering, “how?”  We are showing reactive, not proactive, with our voice, and this must change.

Now that we can hopefully see how speaking up is so important let’s now discuss something called — tact.  You have most likely heard this, and it took me a good four years in the military to figure this one out.  Tact is defined as the sensitivity to what is proper and appropriate in dealing with others, including the ability to speak or act without offending.  Seems simple right?  There is a problem in this definition, though.  It is challenging to say anything without offending someone.  People appear to be living in a state of being offended.  But, you can only control your actions, not everyone else.  So we should be delivering tactful thoughts, ideas, and opinions to maintain well in our community and home.  Just do your part, and the rest will eventually work out.  I am not saying to give your opinion on everything and be that complainer person, but I am saying that remaining quiet is losing the war, and we cannot have that.  You have heard, “give them an inch; they will take a mile.”  I give you an exhibit named the United States of America.

Your voice is a weapon, so use it for good.  But the voice is only as good as your follow-through, the way you live, teach, and the example for what you speak. You will know when you should be voicing your opinion or views.  It will be a little voice in your head begging for you to speak.  Learn to discern and speak for good, our freedoms, and our rights.  We all wish we could unleash the beast and set people straight, but that will get you nowhere fast.  Be the example.  United, we stand!


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