So You Want to Be a Frogman?

I get questions all the time on BUD/s or what it is like to be a Navy SEAL. Questions on training, combat, the lifestyle, the hardest things I have endured. These are all great questions, and kudos for asking trying to gain more knowledge than before. I wish I knew someone before I went in to pick their brain and attempt to get better peace of mind.

Please ask your questions on this blog so that we can help out everyone. If you would like more in-depth discussions, I recommend booking a time slot on my 1-on-1’s to get more info.

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  1. So i’ve been thinking about what it takes to become a SEAL. Here’s my assessment, let me know if this seems true to you. What you need- a genetic disposition that doesn’t lead to injuries, i.e., superior genetics. If God didn’t mean for you to be an elite warrior, your body will break under injuries even in your training just to get to BUDs. SEALs are dudes whose bodies don’t break where most men would incur an injury and suffer chronic pain for the rest of their life. Many men can put themselves through hell, the question is what you’re body will be like after doing so. Will you just be really, really sore, or will you have sustained a chronic injury? SEALs are sore, normies are broken and torn.

    1. Thanks for replying, my friend! Those that make it through the training (body-wise) are no different than those that do not. The biggest difference is MINDSET. I thankfully made it through, and now, after the fact, I have to get double shoulder replacements and a knee along with other surgeries. All of which was worth it to me! I am no different than any other man, minus I won’t and don’t quit when my mind has a task or goal. It is a physical job, and the body will take a beating, but the pride and accomplishment are worth it!
      So to provide clarity, SEALs’ bodies do break after that type of lifestyle. Not all, but it often comes with the territory.

  2. As anyone knows who wants to be a Seal there is the PST. Just from reading different pages I been hearing people say a couple things. “Hitting the auto qul standards doesn’t get you a contract to BUDS, you have to be below them all to even be considered” and on the other hand I’m hearing “ I got a contract where my swim, run and push ups were below the auto qul standards”. For myself I understand that good pst scores do not guarantee success, it what’s in between your ears and in your heart that separates those who finish and those who choose to make excuses. So my question is what kinds of scores are earning contracts now days and if there is some truth to anything I’ve been reading online. Thanks

  3. I think that there is a fundamentally elemental nature about wanting to become a frogman/SEAL/SBS that other branches of the SOF / DSF do not have. The inherent cold and nature of the sea make this branch a far more challenging prospect than land based selections. As someone who has done SF selection (& passed) I could always “keep moving, next CP “etc to keep warm(ish) to feel like I was making progress but the thought of surf exposure, long periods in cold water and the energy draining swims really is a whole different beast. My point, there is something inherently different on BUDS etc that attracts people looking for the ultimate challenge as you are pitting yourself against nature and not against the clock, the route, the weight etc.

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