What’s in your TANK?

We are filled with the importance of eating right and fitness via magazines, podcasts, movies, etc. I cannot agree more with living a healthy lifestyle, but I believe that we miss the mark to a certain degree when discussing this vital topic. We are missing the most important component in this, and that is our MINDSET! We constantly hear that diet and exercise need consistency, and this is true, but so does our brain! Many overlook this and spend hours upon hours filling their brains with pointless crap such as porn, video games, watching someone else playing video games, etc. There is so much out there now that our children and ourselves go down the rabbit hole and suck in BS. Our brains need positive content DAILY! You spending hours going into YouTube land is the same as downing a tub of Blue Bell Two Step ice cream, which is delicious, by the way, or laying on the couch all weekend taking Netflix and chill to a whole other level. Our brains need a diet and exercise regime more than anything. It all starts in that brain!

So what is the solution? I believe that it is what you first consume in the morning that helps influence your day. I have had days when I jump on my phone, read up on the news, and have a ticked-off attitude. The news (real news, not opinions) is great to find out what is going on, but I am sure you know it’s all pretty much negativity. The negative can lead to me being short with things at work or even with my family. In the end, it is unnecessary to allow this to affect my day so I don’t! I have this choice, and so do you!

On the flip side of this, if I dig into some motivational reading, podcast, or listen/read to my Bible, I get a different mindset. I find myself coming up with business or positive family ideas, and I am filled by renewing my mind. Yes, renewing, some have heard of this and it is true. My mind needs renewing because our society is filled with crap. Just turn on the TV and see what I mean. This is a constant task, and it pays off. If you fill that brain of yours with negative, it will be tough to see positive results. But, if you fill your mind with positives and motivation, guess what? You will see the positives, and be amped for the day, I promise.

Some of you need to go on a brain diet or a mind workout routine. Give it a shot, kick the crap to the curb and replace it with positives. Fill your tank with the fuel you need to be proactive, loving, and positively influence others. We all need this!

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