Eddie Penney – SEAL Team 6/DEVGRU Operator | SRS #043

Eddie Penney joins us on the Shawn Ryan Show to give you his firsthand account of once being scared of Jesus, what he referred to as the boogeyman, to becoming a true warrior of Christ. Eddie served as a United States Marine to later becoming a U.S. Navy SEAL and joining the Elite SEAL Team 6. Eddie has seen the worst of evil and even became addicted to taking the evil off this planet. A chapter in his new book, Unafraid, titled “kill addict” describes his desires of taking the fight to the enemy. Eddie has weathered the storm and has faced many challenges along his journey while serving at DEVGRU. One of the biggest loss that occurred from his Squadron at Gold was Extortion 17. This is a true story of a man who surrendered his life to God after a life at war.

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