The Man Who Dry Fired His Way to a World Shooting Title | UNAFRAID – Episode 17

How do you win a world-championship marksman title with hardly any ammo? David Westerhout’s got the answer. He’s an Olympic Zimbabwean male sport shooter, or at least he was back in 1980. Back then, David had emigrated from England to Africa to take his voracious appetite for firearms all the way to the World Combat Pistol Championships where he won in 1977 and was voted Rhodesia Sportsman of the Year, and that was all after he’d served in the Special Forces Unit of the Rhodesian Army! Safe to say, David’s had quite an interesting life, both in and out of the world of war, combat, and competitive shooting – but is he truly UNAFRAID? Keith sits down with him all the way out in Zimbabwe to find out.

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